On October 1, 2009 the family held a Press Conference in front of the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department Headquarters, to once AGAIN make a PLEA to put more EFFORT in trying to FIND MITRICE RICHARDSON as well as to INFORM the public on HOW LITTLE EFFORT the SHERIFF’S DEPT. & the LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT have put in on trying to FIND MITRICE after 14 DAYS OF HER BEING MISSING!!

The Sheriff’s Department tried their hardest to have us (those coming to show support) not be there in attendance.  They were turning people away at the security box, telling them that there wasn’t a Press Conference being held.  I could not believe it!!!!

When I arrived, I didn’t ask them if there was a Press Conference being held, I told them that I was there for the Press Conference, not giving them the opportunity to tell me there wasn’t one.  But Channel 2 News (CBS) was turned away, and told there wasn’t a Press Conference being held!!!  Can you believe that?????

Thanks goes to Chip Croft from SEA~TV Productions for the video footage.  He was a BIG Help!!!!