I decided I need to share with the world how this whole case full of lies has completely ruined my life.  While these lying officers have got promotions & moved on in their lives,  nearly 4 years later, my life is at a complete standstill due to this case & me trying to seek the justice I very well deserve!

Even with my bachelors degree, I can’t even get a minimum wage job because they tell me to come back after the misdemeanor is cleaned up.  I’m being treated like a felon or someone who really committed a heinous crime.  This is crazy!   The fact this was my first ‘iffy‘ arrest ever, one would think it wouldn’t effect my life the way it has but hey, we were all in for a shocker!

Once you get in the system, your life is pretty much screwed.  It doesn’t even matter if the cop is a liar, all the cop has to do is say it happened & get his fellow comrades to cooberate the story & then your life is FOREVER screwed behind it.

Just thought I’d share that info real quick….Thanks for reading!

The Fight must go on until Justice is served!!!!