Cherise R.This page was made in effort to expose the way “The Law” breaks the law and tries to cover it up with lies, deceit and false allegations.  Everyone has had some kind of encounter with law enforcement, whether it be good or bad.  This is a story of an encounter with the law that never should have happened, changing one’s life forever by the “Lies of the Law.”

Cherise Rogers,  then age 25, was at the top of her game.  She worked for the  Los Angeles Police Department as a Clerk Typist, just having recently passed the promotional examination to become a Senior Clerk Typist.  She’d just obtained her Bachelors degree in Child and Adolescent Development in 2006 and was looking forward to moving up in life, pursuing her career in working with inner city/at-risk  youth.  She was seeing nothing but success in front of her until April 6, 2007, when her life was forever changed by the “Hands of the Law.”