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CALL TO ACTION: Justice For Mitrice Richardson – New Investigation, NOW!




If you believe it’s time for an outside law enforcement agency to step in and handle the case of Mitrice Richardson, please cut and paste the letter below and email it to California Attorney General Kamala Harris at the following two addresses:   and

Type the words: “Mitrice Richardson – New Investigation” in the subject line.

If you’re so inclined, please carbon-copy the following officials:

• Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca:

• Assitant to Sheriff Baca Julie Montgomery:

• Sheriff’s Communications Director Steve Whitmore:

• L.A. OIR Chief Attorney Michael Gennaco:

• L.A. County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky:  and

• L.A. County Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas: and

• California State Senator Sharon Runner:




Dear Attorney General Harris:


I respectfully request that the California Attorney General’s office begin an independent investigation into the case of Mitrice Richardson.


Ms. Richardson was a 24-year-old African American college graduate who was taken into custody by Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies for possession of  small amount of marijuana and failing to pay a restaurant bill in Malibu in September 2009. After her release from a remote LASD substation (Malibu/Lost Hills), Richardson went missing for 11 months — until her naked, semi-decomposed remains were found in a rugged canyon just eight miles from the station and, according to the coroner’s office, moved in breach of protocol. The coroner never saw the remains as they were found. Because the scene was compromised and no evidence was collected even by LASD, Richardson’s cause of death is undetermined. The body was recently exhumed for reexamination, but the results have not been shared with the decedent’s family or the public.


A recent article in the September issue of Los Angeles magazine (“What Happened to Mitrice Richardson?”), chronicles the LASD missteps that led to Richardson’s demise, and the department’s many discrepancies—and in some cases, outright lies—in explaining those events.


The article, which has garnered a great deal of media attention, also points out the how the department’s watchdog agency, the Office of Independent Review, failed to adequately investigate LASD’s handling of the Richardson case.


L.A. County’s Board of Supervisors has agreed to pay Richardson’s parents $900,000 for a wrongful death suit filed against them. But several questions remain unanswered. For example:


• Why did the sheriff’s station free Richardson despite several accounts of the young woman displaying the sort of odd behavior that would normally warrant psychological evaluation?

• Why did the station—the same one that gave Mel Gibson a ride to his car after he was freed on drunk driving charges—turn Richardson loose even though her car had been impounded and she had no money or means of transportation?

• Why did the station captain keep the jail-cell video of Richardson in his desk drawer for nearly four months while denying its existence?

• Did the deputy seen leaving the station behind Mitrice (captured on video) see or speak to Richardson?

• Why were Richardson’s remains both nude and partially mummified?

• How did Richardson, a young woman from the city, end up in an exceedingly rugged canyon with no roads or trails nearby?

• Why did sheriff’s personnel remove her remains from the scene rather than follow protocol and wait for the coroner’s office to investigate?

• Why has some potential evidence still not been collected from the canyon where Richardson’s remains were found?

• Why hasn’t the case been deemed a homicide?

• Why, in an October 2010 meeting, did Lt. Michael Rosson and Captain David Smith tell Sheriff Baca that Richardson’s remains were moved because they were completely intact, when in fact one leg was several feet from the body, the head and body were not connected?

•Why hasn’t LASD posted a reward on for information in the case, as Sheriff Lee Baca promised to do on December 29, 2010?

In summary, I believe that the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and its watchdog, the Office of Independent Review, have failed to properly investigate and monitor the Mitrice Richardson case, and, given their mistakes and discrepancies, can no longer be trusted to do so.


I respectfully ask that the California Attorney General’s office take over this case so that questions can be answered and justice can be served.




Your Name and Hometown here


Mitrice Richardson & the Cover-Ups by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department


CLICK HERE FOR AUDIO OF INTERVIEW WITH MIKE KESSLER for New details that have emerged about Mitrice Richardson’s disappearance


Friday, August 12 · 9:30am – 12:30pm (CANCELLED)

Central District Stanley Mosk Courthouse

111 North Hill St.

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Major court date on Friday, August 12, 2011 in which the Judge will give his verdict if this case goes to trial or is thrown out. We must show up to support the family and DEMAND Justice for MITRICE RICHARDSON!! The Lost Hills Sheriff’s Department is Guilty of many things and they all need to be revealed. So please come out and show your support & let them know WE WANT JUSTICE & WE ARE DEMANDING JUSTICE for Mitrice (RIP)!

Where is MITRICE RICHARDSON??? 2nd Family Press Conference – October 1, 2009

On October 1, 2009 the family held a Press Conference in front of the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department Headquarters, to once AGAIN make a PLEA to put more EFFORT in trying to FIND MITRICE RICHARDSON as well as to INFORM the public on HOW LITTLE EFFORT the SHERIFF’S DEPT. & the LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT have put in on trying to FIND MITRICE after 14 DAYS OF HER BEING MISSING!!

The Sheriff’s Department tried their hardest to have us (those coming to show support) not be there in attendance.  They were turning people away at the security box, telling them that there wasn’t a Press Conference being held.  I could not believe it!!!!

When I arrived, I didn’t ask them if there was a Press Conference being held, I told them that I was there for the Press Conference, not giving them the opportunity to tell me there wasn’t one.  But Channel 2 News (CBS) was turned away, and told there wasn’t a Press Conference being held!!!  Can you believe that?????

Thanks goes to Chip Croft from SEA~TV Productions for the video footage.  He was a BIG Help!!!!

MISSING FOR 14 DAYS: Mitrice Richardson….The Sheriff’s are to Blame!

UPDATE 2/24/10: It has been a little over 5 months since MITRICE RICHARDSON’S disappearance.  It is such a shame  that we have gone this long without ANYTHING!!!  Even though the news has laid off talking about Mitrice, there are plenty of individuals still trying to find out exactly what happened that night!!  For the latest info, PLEASE go to or

UPDATE 10/24/09: Its been over a month & MITRICE is still missing..So much has happened since this post, it is best to get the most current info from


By now I’m quite sure you have heard the story of Missing Mitrice Richardson, the beautiful, bilingual, 24-year-old college graduate of California State University, Fullerton, who majored in Psychology and graduated with a 4.00 GPA….but come to think of it, you may not have!!  Her story has not been given the media attention it should have, for this is a very disturbing case!

Mitrice Richardson

Disturbing because the reason we don’t know where Mitrice Richardson is today, 14 days after her disappearance,  is due to the Malibu/Lost Hills division of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Departments’ negligent attitude towards this whole situation.  I was drawn to her story immediately due to it having some similarities to mine and her involvement with the crooked/corrupt LA County Sheriff’s Department.   Let me fill you in on Mitrice’s story:

Mitrice Richardson of Los Angeles dined at the expensive & exclusive Geoffrey’s Restaurant on Pacific Coast Hwy, 40 miles from home, in Malibu alone on the evening of September 16, 2009.

According to the restaurant, Mitrice was unable to pay for her $89 meal (Kobe beef steak and an Ocean Breeze cocktail of rum, vodka and fruit juices) after staff  and patrons said she was behaving oddly, & at one point actually sitting down with a table of six and engaging them in conversation.

Jeff Peterson, the restaurant’s owner who was not there when this incident occurred, has stated her erratic behavior was noticed by customers and employees. “There was something a little strange about her,” he told CNN. “She wasn’t mentally ill, not ranting or raving. You couldn’t put your finger on it.”

“She seemed a little euphoric — a little odd,” Peterson told LA Times.  “The people she joined seemed OK with it. When she said they were going to pay her tab for her and they weren’t — that’s when we realized we had a situation.”  (This leaves one to wonder why they would serve someone such an expensive entree, after they have  described her to be acting so strangely. More importantly, why would they serve her alcohol if she didn’t seem normal from the start?)

When presented with the bill, and realizing she couldn’t pay it, authorities were called.  When they arrived they tried to get the situation handled when Mitrice provided the restaurant with her 90 y.o. great-grandmothers phone number, whom she resides with, who offered to pay the bill over the phone.  She stated, “Which card do you want?  I will pay the bill, add a tip, and put Mitrice in a cab and bring her home.”

But Geoffrey’s declined that form of payment and requested she either come pay in-person or she fax in a copy of the credit card with her signature attached to it.  However, her great-grandmother did not have access to a fax machine.  Consequently, the Lost Hills Sheriff Deputies arrested her.  Peterson says he got the police involved not so much because she was unable to pay her bill but more so out of ‘concern’ for Richardson’s safety, stating they felt she was in no condition to drive a vehicle. (So keep in mind she didn’t just try to walk out & skip the check, as I have seen so many ignorant people try to suggest she did. And the restaurant staff didn’t think she was OK to drive, not due to intoxication but due to something being OFF mentally.)

Now this is when the story starts getting weird and full of inconsistencies when the police become involved!  According to Steve Whitmore, the LA County Sheriffs’ Spokesman, when the deputies arrived at Geoffrey’s, Mitrice asks them to retrieve her wallet from the inside of her car, and in doing so they “claim” they found marijuana, causing them to add the charge of possession of less than an ounce of marijuana (which could actually be less than a gram), but they did not find the wallet they were supposed to be getting. (Now trying to understand how they have the rights to search her vehicle without her currently being behind the wheel, is beyond me, but that’s just one of the many strange parts to this story. Why would she ask them to search her car for her wallet if she knew she had marijuana in the car??  That doesn’t make sense whatsoever.  Also why was her wallet in the car?  Did she not have her ID on her persons??  How was she then served alcohol without an ID of some sort?)

So now they charge Mitrice with Possession of less than an ounce of Marijuana and Defrauding an Innkeeper and take her in to be booked at Lost Hills/Malibu Sheriff Station 13 miles away from the restaurant. Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff Station

In the meantime, Mitrice’s great-grandmother had contacted Mitrice’s mother, Latice Sutton, who then contacted the restaurant to try and take care of the situation at hand.  However, she was told it was too late, and her daughter was already taken into custody, so she then contacted the sheriff’s station to get an understanding on what was going to happen to her daughter from that point forward.

Upon speaking with the Deputy, Sutton was told that they would keep her daughter until the morning.  Explaining that when they bring someone in who exhibits some type of intoxication/mental illness they keep them until morning.

Sutton notified them that she was concerned about her daughter’s uncharacteristic behavior. “She is not in her right state of mind, this is not the type of behavior my daughter demonstrates.  She is responsible, intelligent, & educated.”  Sutton then notified the sheriff’s that she would be there in the morning to post bail & pick up her daughter.

At around 4 AM, Sutton called the station to get the exact bail amount and was told that her daughter had already been released!!!  They stated they let her out at around 1 AM due to overcrowding and that nothing was wrong with her when she left.  A deputy even went so far as to say, “We do not run a babysitting organization here.” They also said they offered to let her stay in the lobby but she refused and just left!!


Keep in mind that it is 1 in the morning in LOST HILLS when she was ‘supposedly’ released….and exactly how the name sounds is EXACTLY how that remote, industrial area is…A BUNCH OF LOST HILLS!! Who in their right mind would send a female out in the middle of the night without MONEY, A CAR, A PHONE, IDENTIFICATION, FOOD, ETC….??? And lets not forget she is an African American woman…being let out in an all White area, where there still are racist individuals lurking around!!  Not to mention the wild animals that lurk the areas at night, especially now since we’ve been having these wildfires…the animals are hungry!!

So why would anyone, especially those who are supposed to keep us safe, let her out into the wild and act like everything is OK with that picture???  That is so damn appalling, but as you know, the sheriff’s are full of BS!  This whole story has so many holes in it and why?? Because the Sheriff’s are not being cooperative b/c they know they screwed up this time and its NOT going away!!

As Sutton has stated on numerous occasions, “I did not know morning would literally be after 12 midnight.  I had the impression they would wait until daylight to release her.”

Sutton also said she believes sheriff deputies should have realized something was wrong with her. “If the officer saw her behavior and decided to administer a field sobriety test, then he must have realized something was wrong.” (Which is very true! They supposedly tested her before they released her and stated she was fine…ummm why the test if you thought she was fine???  Did they suddenly forget what had been told to them a few hours prior??  The restaurant said she wasn’t intoxicated and that something with her was ‘off’…sooo didn’t that click to them that maybe they should call a medical specialist???  I guess not b/c they didn’t do it, leaving one to suspect that they did not give a damn about her safety or her mental state!! WOW!!  And these are the very people we shed our tax payer dollars to??? )

The sheriff department has continued to give the family the run around..upon asking for the phone records to show who she called…the station said the phone they let her use was untraceable….HMMMMMM

Also in asking for the surveillance cameras on the outside of the station to show where she headed after walking out the station….the family was told that they do not have the cameras set to record….WOW….so basically they just have the cameras there for show…b/c normally you record whats going on just in case….SOUNDS SO FISHY WITH ALL THEIR COVER-UPS ETC.….They still have failed to give the family the police report showing what was detailed inside as well as failing to provide them with the deputies names who were involved in the arrest of MITRICE RICHARDSON….

I simply can’t wait until these &*%^$ get exposed for all their wrongdoings…( I can’t use the word I was going to say) Even their lackluster attempt in trying to find her is to be noted!!  They haven’t put any more effort into trying to find her than I have put into searching for this penny that happened to drop out my wallet onto the street yesterday!  They don’t give a HOT DAMN about this missing BLACK woman whatsoever & it PISSES ME OFF!!

Oh yeah…I’m sick and tired of reading ignorant people’s comments…Some of you are just sitting too damn high up on your horse trying to judge/render your assumptions to this scenario!  People are so quick to believe everything the dog gone police say….EXAMPLE: just b/c they say they offered her a place to stay doesn’t mean they did..also just because they say they allowed her to make 2 calls, doesn’t mean they did!!!   Are you all that NAIVE to believe whatever the POLICE say??  I feel sorry for ya if you do…just hope you never have to encounter a lying a** police officer…b/c they will ALWAYS LIE TO PROTECT THEIR OWN IF THEY ARE WRONG….U BETTER GET A CLUE!

HEIGHT: 5’5”
WEIGHT: 135lb
EYES: Hazel brown
HAIR: Medium Brown (natural/curly)
TATTOOS: Lower abdomen, and behind neck
Last wearing: Brown Bob Marley T-shirt & Blue Jeans


List of links providing more info:,0,2916909.story

Cherise Rogers (ME), 27, of Hawthorne, standing on Pacific Coast Highway at Webb Way in Malibu, was among the volunteers helping get the word out Saturday about the search for Mitrice Richardson, 24, who disappeared Sept. 17 after being released from a sheriff's substation in Calabasas. More photos >>> (Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times / September 27, 2009)

Cherise Rogers (ME), 27, of Hawthorne, standing on Pacific Coast Highway at Webb Way in Malibu, was among the volunteers helping get the word out Saturday about the search for Mitrice Richardson, 24, who disappeared Sept. 17 after being released from a sheriff's substation in Calabasas. More photos >>> (Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times / September 27, 2009)