oscar grant

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Rather than focusing only on the injustices I’m fighting against, I have become actively involved in the Fight for Justice for the Murder of Oscar Grant by Former BART Officer, Johannes Mehserle, working with the Los Angeles Coalition for Justice for Oscar Grant.

This is one of those cases that struck a nerve with the Nation; Yet another UNARMED black man gunned down by the police.   The only thing unique about this Murder, was it was caught on film & witnessed by a whole subway full of people.  Grant was shot in the back while laying face down on the ground with his hands behind his back.  This killer cop wants us to all believe he meant to tase Grant & not ‘accidentally’ shoot & kill him.  Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. I mean at the point an officer can start using excuses like that when he murders someone, we are in BIG trouble!

The system let the family down in many ways—in particular by denying evidence into trial that would have shown the shooter’s state of mind. That evidence included Mr. Mehserle slapping a Hispanic woman and getting kicked out of school, failing to identify the Grant shooting as accidental on a post-shooting form required of all officers, and beating up a Black man within 35 days of shooting Oscar Grant.

Gloria Galvez (left) of the Youth Justice Coalition and Cherise Rogers (right) lead demonstrators with chants. (Dan Bluemel / LA Activist)