Here I will be posting pictures of those who have had their lives taken too soon at the hands of Law Enforcement.  These are the Unjustified Killings that could have been avoided but as usual cops have the ‘Shoot first, Ask questions later’ approach that leaves family & friends with a void & a long lived feeling of distrust towards law enforcement.  R.I.P.


37-year-old Kelly Thomas, a homeless man, happened to be in the vicinity when police responded to a call of suspicious activity in Fullerton, California on July 5, 2011. Mr Thomas was approached by up to six officers and subjected to a beating so vicious he later died. Those officers need to be investigated and tried for the murder of Kelly Thomas.

Kelly Thomas after getting beaten to death by Fullerton PD



























Doug Zerby was murdered by the Long Beach Police Department. Whether by their incompetence, cruelty, love of violence, gross negligence is unknown and may never be known as the LBPD and the City of Long Beach all are silent on the issue. The family has been left on their own after the people whom they were (and we were all) taught to trust gunned down their innocent brother and now take absolutely no accountability for doing so.

Zachary Champommier was shot and killed by law enforcement officers on June 24, 2010 in Studio City, California. He was only 18.