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My THIRD TRIAL Begins April 5, 2010…….They Will Stop At Nothing To Try To Get A Conviction!

Two months after my last trial ended with a hung jury,  I am set to begin my THIRD trial on Monday, April 5, 2010.  This is one day before the 3 year anniversary of when this whole nightmare began.  It amazes me that this much time has passed and yet I am still here fighting with all my might, FALSE criminal charges posed against me because the District Attorney’s office keeps refiling.  The District Attorney’s office has went the distance with this case, spending hundreds of thousands of TAXPAYERS dollars trying to prosecute me on something they know is NOT TRUE!  All in the efforts to cover-up the ABUSE & FALSE ARREST I endured April 6, 2007.

Being my case is full of misdemeanor charges as opposed to felonies, they expected me to plead guilty to get this whole thing over with, as statistics show so many people do.  I am letting them know they messed with the wrong person this time.  I AM NOT THE NORM!  I’m a survivor, no matter how hard they’ve tried to knock me down these last 3 years, I’m still STANDING TALL & I’M DETERMINED NOT TO FALL.

They not only beat me physically, but they have also tried their best to beat me economically/monetarily/mentally.  I’ve spent so much time within the court system these past 3 years, seeing an overwhelming amount of INJUSTICE going on, & I now make it my duty to stand up not only for myself, but for all those who have to suffer because of law enforcements use of  excessive (deadly) force & lies.   This is becoming a growing epidemic.  All you see and hear these days are police killing/injuring citizens for no reason at all, other than because they CAN DO IT & they can GET AWAY WITH IT!

I live in the inner city where gangs are prevalent,  however LAW ENFORCEMENT is the GANG I fear daily…the boys in blue, tan or black…whatever their color choice is for that department, I’m most leary of them.  From all angles, they have literally showed  me how crooked & corrupt they can be.  If they mess up, it seems it’s best for them to put the blame on anybody else but themselves.  Like in my case, they battered me yet in turn they claim I battered them, trying to cover-up their wrong doings, that’s their tactic.

Overall, I can’t wait for this trial to begin and end.  It amazes me this will be my third time having to testify in a criminal case.  But it also made my day knowing the District Attorney’s office has been reading my blog.  They let it be known at my last trial that they came across it….hmmmmmm.  Very Interesting!!  So to them I say:

Thanks for taking the time to read about how crooked & corrupt you all are.  Reading this blog can be a very therapeutic way for you all to see how you guys actually look & reflect to the public eye. Keep reading as I will keep posting!

Ok…last but not least, I need to state that Los Angeles County, District Attorney Steve Cooley is running for California State Attorney General this year.  We can not allow that man to RUN (RUIN) OUR STATE!!!  He can’t even control his crooked/corrupt District Attorney’s office so I can’t imagine what this state would be like with him having a little bit of power!! Yikes!!


Oh & also remember Detective/Deputy Christopher Maurizi, the deputy who pulled me over & began this lying/battery game, his mother is high- ranking Deputy District Attorney Janice L. Maurizi…….So you wonder why it’s so much corruption going on??  Wonder no more…this Mom is trying to protect her ABUSIVE, OVER AUTHORITATIVE son, as well as her OWN NAME, as well as STEVE COOLEY’S name….since he is running for a state office.  It’s politics,  they just thought I wouldn’t figure it all out.  THEY WERE WRONG!

(It’s to be noted that the ONLY reason I know about Jan Maurizi being the mother of this LYING DEPUTY, Chris Maurizi,  is because the District Attorney’s office tried to use her as an INTIMIDATION factor at the beginning of my case.  They asked my lawyer did we know who we were up against and advised that I might as well NOT FIGHT  because of who she was and her high ranks.)

They didn’t realize that would make me FIGHT harder! It’s time for the corruption & cover-ups to be exposed!

Until next time……………………………

Finally Went To Trial In January of 2010, However The Criminal Case Still Isn’t Over

Well friends, family & followers:

It has happened. After all the delays & postponements, I finally went to trial last month on the 3 charges – 2 counts of battery on an officer & 1 count resisting arrest – (in fact in order to hedge their chances of winning,  District Attorney Patrick Carey, added an additional charge of resisting arrest on the day the trial began-Jan 15, 2010, bringing me to a total of 4 charges) that the judge had originally thrown out in 2008, and the District Attorney’s office appealed. So here I am again, fighting for my future, my livelihood and my ability to earn a living in my chosen field all because the Sheriff’s department is not willing to admit that they erred in the way they stopped me and the way they handled me (or more correctly mishandled me).

The trial was very trying (7 days) and it was very hard to listen to Deputy/Detective Christopher Maurizi sit on the stand and literally lie about me and my actions and reactions to what he did at the time of my arrest.  I tried very hard not to show my emotions to the court and jury, but it was hurtful and demeaning to hear someone describe me as an ‘out of control’ person who was yelling, screaming and very combative when all I wanted was an explanation as to why he had stopped me in the first place.  The conversation started with a simple, “Hello, Officer, what happened, what did I do?” and ended with me being thrown to the ground, jumped on by 5 full-sized police officers, being choked to almost unconsciousness, being pepper sprayed twice in the face and eyes, being arrested and hog tied and tossed into the back of a police car, and charged with felonies, all for asking the questions, ‘What happened? What did I do?’

What I did learn during the trial however is that, according to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department policy and procedures and also clearly reinforced by the District Attorney who tried my case is: WHEN STOPPED BY THE SHERIFFS YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS! According to what was said in court and established at my trial, you must obey; you must comply; you must cooperate; you must not speak; you must not question; you must get out of your car; you must go to where you are instructed; you must stand with you legs open (so you are off-balance); you must bend over the hood of their car and if you ask questions or show any form of what the ‘officer’ deems is resistance, then he can physically reach into your automobile, grab you by your clothing and forcibly remove you from the car!!

Now here’s the rub — just a few days after my trial ended, I happened to see a Pasadena Police Officer on the local news responding to fake police officers stopping, harassing, robbing, and whatever else they were doing to people in the City of Pasadena.  The officer on TV was actually instructing all people to question officers who pull you over if you are suspicious of them.  Telling us as citizens, not to just get out the car when approached and also to stop in a well-lit area where there are people around to be safe (Good luck finding this perfectly described scenario at 1:30 in the morning).  She said that the officer is supposed to identify himself and even show some form of I.D. if requested by you.

Hmmmmmmm….According to this officers logic we as regular citizens in this society can question on-duty officers, which I know is not at all the case in the REAL WORLD!   I felt the description & details  provided were not accurate in today’s day & time to say the least because we deal with REAL officers with authority issues & who don’t respond well with being asked anything at all!  This just confirmed for me that the way I was treated was totally out line and unjustified & also that SOME officers themselves are oblivious to the DEMANDING/AUTHORITATIVE nature of some of these rogue cops.

The main problem I have is that the police department on one hand goes on TV with these ‘community advice’ sessions and they don’t help!  Their suggestions are in direct conflict with what officers are charging and trying people for, for attempting to do exactly what they suggest you do and what I did.

But going back to the topic of my trial…after sitting through the testimony of 2 lying Sheriff Deputies, Deputy Chris Maurizi & Deputy Regan Fitzgerald, who both claim I battered them and 3 days of jury deliberations…the jury came back DEADLOCKED, a hung jury.   The jury kept coming back asking questions, wanting more info to help make a decision, it even got to the point the attorneys on both sides had to do a 2nd closing argument because the judge was wanting a verdict to be reached. But to no avail, the jury could not agree, leaving me once again back at SQUARE ONE because the District Attorney made sure they refiled the case again, but only after trying to offer me an outlandish deal!


I laughed because there is NO WAY they could/would ever get me to take a deal.  Their supposed incentive was that I wouldn’t be receiving jail time if I took the deal, but if I didn’t take it, I need to remember I’m facing serious jail time….yea yea yea ….they can say all they want to, but I never resisted the deputy, so to take a plea is admitting guilt…..I’m NOT GUILTY so why would I plead?

So as of now, I go back to court March 5, 2010 for my trial readiness date.  I should be set to go to trial again before the end of March.  This will be my 3rd time taking the stand to plead my innocence, which is ridiculous considering how BROKE THE CITY OF LOS ANGELES is, but yet & still the DA’s office has NO PROBLEM spending thousands of tax payers dollars on a case that they know is ludicrous & false.

More to come…………………………………………

The Corrupt Blue Line

The Corrupt Blue Line

You never know from day to day what tomorrow might bring.
You could go from prosperity, to losing everything.
A turn of events, though unexpected could change your life forever.
We all say “It won’t happen to me,” but trust me don’t say never.

I have to tell Cherise’s story. You might find it hard to believe.
But when you understand the truth, I’m sure that you will grieve
A magnificent girl of poise and beauty, she really had it all.
Education and a good job, but then there came the fall.

One night while driving home from work about two years ago,
The L.A. Sheriffs stopped Cherise. Why? We just don’t know.
There was no reason then or now or for what else they did do.
They beat Cherise and tortured her, till she was black and blue.

Was that the end? No my friend. The abuse was oh so wrong.
To protect themselves from prosecution, they sang a different song.
They made up lies that they were attacked, that force was necessary.
At one hundred and ten pounds, she’s just really not that scary.

For two long years they’ve drug this out, to disrespect her name.
She lost her job and lives in fear, and for this they show no shame.
To keep from crossing “The Corrupt Blue Line” her life they would destroy.
No remorse for what they had done, they live their lives in sinful joy.

In and out of court for months, Cherise has been made to go.
Now she waits for the judge to decide and finally let her know.
Will the judge be biased? or will justice at last prevail?
Justice says the crooked cops should all spend time in jail.

Through it all, I must say, I’ve really been impressed.
Cherise has kept her head up high while facing every test.
Always worried, always scared, but seldom letting on.
Jumping all the hurdles placed, meeting everyday head on.

I know she has shed a million tears, and believe me so have I.
You’d have to be a LA. cop or worse if it didn’t make you cry.
Whatever happens from here on out, I’m going to place my bet.
With God’s help, Cherise will prevail; she’ll be the winner yet.

Written by: Nick Devisa


A Case of Police Brutality (My Truth, My Nightmare)



This story is being told in a third party format by Roni Green, who has an extensive background in the law, including working for the District Attorney’s Office (9 years), Court Reporter, Paralegal, and Executive Legal Assistant to several attorneys.  This is an ongoing story of police brutality, police corruption, and the police departments’ zest to prosecute no matter the cause or the expense.  This is a cliffhanger.  Stay with us and follow the story………

Cherise R.

On April 6th 2007, at approximately 1:30AM, my niece was driving eastbound on Century Blvd. in Inglewood, CA.

She told me she stopped at the Yukon light, in the far left lane. The light was yellow as she approached, that’s when she noticed a police car was behind her. They both sat at the light for about 10 to 15 seconds. As the light turned green, she proceeded to drive a couple of feet and the police car turned on its sirens for her to pull over. She proceeded to the right, and stopped in front of Washington Mutual Bank on Century Blvd. Once she stopped, a deputy sheriff approached her vehicle. He was alone. He told her to turn off her car and keep her hands where he could see them. She put both her hands on the steering wheel. Next, he told her to step out of the vehicle. She asked him, “What did I do?” He told her again to step out the vehicle. She told him that she had just gotten off work and that she worked for LAPD, and she knew she hadn’t done anything wrong; she simply wanted to know why she needed to get out of the car? (She was very uncomfortable because he never once asked her for identification of any kind nor, did he identify himself.) He then stated “I don’t give a f*** where you work, get out the car!” She became very fearful.

Its 1:30AM, She is alone, he is alone and he is not telling her why he pulled her over or why she had to get out of the vehicle. [We’ve all heard stories about law enforcement officers or people pretending to be law enforcement officers pulling over young women and then sexually assaulting them.] He didn’t identify himself, so for all she knew he could have been a fake —she had no clue!!

He then yanked open her car door, grabbed her arm and forcibly pulled her out of the car. (Her car doors automatically unlock when her car is turned off.) When she was out the car he ordered her to put her hands behind her back and face towards the trunk of her car, keeping her back towards him. He then told her to face the hood of his patrol car which she did. While she was facing the hood of his patrol car, she heard him take out his handcuffs. That’s when she really started questioning, “Why am I being handcuffed?” “Why am I being arrested?” “Wait, what am I being arrested for?” “What did I do?” He ignored her. He never once answered her questions. He got her left hand in the handcuffs first as she was trying to look back at him and get an answer as to why she was being arrested. He proceeded to try and put her right hand in the cuffs as well. However, the way he had her arm angled he was unable to put the cuff on. She was telling him to please wait because it hurt. At that moment he threw her to the ground by her jacket and she was laying face down on the sidewalk while he was on top of her with his knee in her back. She started screaming at the top of her lungs, “Help, Somebody Help Me, Please!!!!!” She thought the man was crazy. He still had not told her what he was arresting her for. He threw her down like she was a man/criminal or something. She is a college graduate who weighs all of 110 lbs. As she was screaming at the top of her lungs, she heard him get on his radio and call for backup. Within seconds a handful of patrol cars, including officers from the Inglewood Police Department, came to the scene.

The officers (all males) got out of their cars and ran to where they were. They came ready to attack, and they were all on her, grabbing her arms and legs and while she was still screaming loudly one officer put his hand around her neck in a c-cup position and began choking the life out of her. He was squeezing tightly and would not let go. She thought she was going to lose consciousness and possibly die right there on Century Blvd. She figured he was doing this to stop her from screaming so loudly. While he had her in a choke hold she was able to turn her head and get a good look at the deputy’s face. They made eye contact. She knows exactly what he looks like. After a lot of squirming and kicking trying to get out of his grasp because she could not breathe, he finally let go of her throat. All of the officers grabbed her by her clothes and hair, stood her up and tried to push her into the passenger side of the patrol car. At this point she was in handcuffs. As she was being forcibly guided to the patrol car she turned and asked, “Who the hell was choking me, I want to know the name of the officer who choked me?” It was at that moment that she was pepper sprayed at a very close range; she felt the stream rather than the mist of the spray. She knew she had been sprayed so that she could not get the name of the deputy who’d choked her. After she was sprayed she really started to scream because she couldn’t see and her face was on fire. The officers just kept yelling at her to get into the ‘fu**in’ car. She was kicking her legs and fighting for her life. She did not want to be closed up in the patrol car because she could not see nor breathe. She needed air badly. She truly thought she was going to die in their custody.

Once inside the patrol car she was pepper sprayed again. The officers then closed the doors and windows and left her inside the vehicle with no air to breathe at all, just the pepper spray. She began screaming and kicking the door begging the officers to roll down the windows or open a door. When the officers did open the door it was only to tie her feet together with a rope like thing and close the door with the end of the rope on the outside of the door, with them holding onto it so her leg movement was constricted. She still needed air so she was still screaming. Finally an officer opened the door and rolled down her window about 2 inches and closed the door back. It was then the officers threatened to tase her if she didn’t shut up.

This is just a portion of the HELL and BRUTALITY she experienced at the hands of the Lennox Sheriff Deputies and Inglewood Police Officers. She has endured the pain and suffering of a beating, she was arrested, humiliated, disrespected, and then found guilty by her employers at the Los Angeles Police Department when she was fired without a hearing, trial, and/or just cause.

After more than a year of stress, fear, and sleepless nights her case finally went before a jury in June 2008. Right before trial, the judge dismissed the resisting arrest and battery on police officer charges, based on the fact that the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and the Inglewood Police Department refused to give her attorney all the reports and documents the judge had ordered them to produce. The Inglewood Police Department went so far as to say that the Inglewood officers had not prepared any report at all in connection with their role in illegally assaulting, battering, and falsely imprisoning my niece, even though they are mentioned in the Los Angeles Sheriff Department’s reports and they took the time to make statements against my niece in the Los Angeles Police Department disciplinary process against her.

The remaining charges of reckless driving and possession of a small (less than .3 gram), unlit marijuana cigarette which her girl friend admitted she had accidentally left the cigarette in my niece’s automobile was heard on June 9th, 2008 at the Torrance Courthouse in Torrance, CA. My niece was found NOT GUILTY of the reckless driving charge and the jury stated afterwards that the only reason she was found guilty of the marijuana possession was because she didn’t deny that it was in her car.

The arresting deputy who initiated the original false arrest, the person who grabbed her, shoved her, handcuffed her, kneed her and assisted in choking and pepper spraying her was found to be unbelievable and dishonest by the jury. The deputy’s name is Christopher Maurizi. Deputy (newly promoted to Detective) Christopher Maurizi is the son of Jan Maurizi, a high ranking official in the District Attorney’s Office of the County of Los Angeles. It is because of who he is and his mother’s rank within the DA’s office, that this matter has continued on as it has.

Although she has been found NOT GUILTY of the reckless driving charge (which was the only reason for stopping her in the 1st place), the District Attorney’s Office has initiated an expensive and time consuming appeal of the 3 charges that were dismissed by the Inglewood pretrial judge which were: 1 count of resisting an executive order and 2 counts of battery on an officer. I believe my niece is still being singled out and harassed by the LA County District Attorney’s Office and by her former employer The Los Angeles Police Department.

As of today’s date, I estimate that over 6,700 hours of man power at a cost of over $500,000 have been spent by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office in an effort to single out and prosecute my niece on a misdemeanor charge and this does not include the thousands of dollars that have been spent by me and my family in my niece’s defense, not to mention the thousands of taxpayer dollars that are still being spent on this useless appeal which had a hearing date of March 12, 2009.


In the original incident where I was brutally attacked by the Lennox Sheriffs and Inglewood PD, I was the one charged with Battery on an Officer. As unbelievable and ludacris as that sounds, above is the picture of the assault the Sheriff’s claimed THEY suffered at MY hands! The Sheriff Department actually forced me and my attorney to go through several discovery hearings before they produced this ridiculous photograph which supposedly shows the force and brutality that THEY suffered at MY hands! As you read, I was beaten, thrown to the ground, stepped on, sat on, scratched, choked, pepper sprayed, and then hogged tied, and thrown in the back of a police car with no ventilation. However their claim is that I punched and kicked and even “BROKE” a deputies badge during the confrontation, and as you can see this is all they could produce. No scratches, no bruising, and no medical attention was required by any of the officers involved and the best they could produce was this unclasped ‘NAME TAG’. OH! Keep in mind that Deputy Maurizi (the deputy pictured above) is the SON of D.A. Jan Maurizi who is the right hand to Steve Cooley, head County District Attorney!

In the original incident where I was brutally attacked by the Lennox Sheriffs and Inglewood PD, I was the one charged with Battery on an Officer. As unbelievable and ludacris as that sounds, above is the picture of the assault the Sheriff’s claimed THEY suffered at MY hands! The Sheriff Department actually forced me and my attorney to go through several discovery hearings before they produced this ridiculous photograph which supposedly shows the force and brutality that THEY suffered at MY hands! As you read, I was beaten, thrown to the ground, stepped on, sat on, scratched, choked, pepper sprayed, and then hogged tied, and thrown in the back of a police car with no ventilation. However their claim is that I punched and kicked and even “BROKE” a deputies badge during the confrontation, and as you can see this is all they could produce. No scratches, no bruising, and no medical attention was required by any of the officers involved and the best they could produce was this unclasped ‘NAME TAG’. OH! Keep in mind that Deputy Maurizi (the deputy pictured above) is the SON of D.A. Jan Maurizi who is the right hand to Steve Cooley, head County District Attorney!