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FINALLY, Trial is set to start OCTOBER 29, 2009

Trial has finally been set to begin on October 29th at Inglewood Courthouse  (2 counts of battery on police officers & 1 count resisting arrest)…a week from today!! I can’t wait!!  It’s been such a long wait to get to this much for SPEEDY TRIAL…I don’t even know how they say you have a right to have one and it take 2 1/2 yrs to get to it!! I just don’t understand.  I just can’t wait to get this phase of my life over with.  I have been waiting patiently for the closure of this criminal case.  It seems like the more patience I exhibited, the more the DA’s office prolonged this case.  They really hoped I was going to give up & give in to their lies & false allegations!!  They were sadly mistaken because here I am still standing & still fighting!!

I am determined to be their worst nightmare since they had no problem becoming mine!!  I’m looking & seeking JUSTICE in all aspects of my life…

So I say to them…..’YOU PICKED THE WRONG ONE THIS TIME’….. They know I didn’t batter them but that they battered me!!  THE TRUTH IS SOON TO BE TOLD!!  I HOPE THEY ARE AS READY AS I AM!!

Where is MITRICE RICHARDSON??? 2nd Family Press Conference – October 1, 2009

On October 1, 2009 the family held a Press Conference in front of the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department Headquarters, to once AGAIN make a PLEA to put more EFFORT in trying to FIND MITRICE RICHARDSON as well as to INFORM the public on HOW LITTLE EFFORT the SHERIFF’S DEPT. & the LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT have put in on trying to FIND MITRICE after 14 DAYS OF HER BEING MISSING!!

The Sheriff’s Department tried their hardest to have us (those coming to show support) not be there in attendance.  They were turning people away at the security box, telling them that there wasn’t a Press Conference being held.  I could not believe it!!!!

When I arrived, I didn’t ask them if there was a Press Conference being held, I told them that I was there for the Press Conference, not giving them the opportunity to tell me there wasn’t one.  But Channel 2 News (CBS) was turned away, and told there wasn’t a Press Conference being held!!!  Can you believe that?????

Thanks goes to Chip Croft from SEA~TV Productions for the video footage.  He was a BIG Help!!!!

Current Update & Random Thoughts

Alot has went on since the last time I posted.  I’m sorry I don’t update as often as I should, but due to the ongoing nature of my case,  I am rather skeptical on what I should post.  But I can say that they have continued to try and make my life HELL!!!  As I have previously stated, the DA’s office is going hard on trying to get a conviction from my case.  It’s coming to the 2 1/2 year mark (October 6) since I started fighting this misdemeanor case and I have had my life stalled all because of these officers lies!!!

I’m currently unemployed, been this way since LAPD wrongfully fired me in January 2008 behind the Sheriff Lies,  and can’t seem to find a job at all (I’ve been blackballed).  Not only did this happen at the worst time (Recession) but it happened right when I was about to flourish in life since I had just graduated from college with my B.A. in Child & Adolescent Development.

I simply can’t understand how I am still in limbo on this case, and the City of LA claims to be broke!!  They have no problem spending nearly a MILLION DOLLARS on trying to prosecute me on misdemeanor charges for 2 1/2 years.

However, I see what their tactic is…They tried dragging this case out as long as they could, in hopes I would give up!!  They thought the longer they took with getting me to trial, I’d settle & just take a plea deal.  They wanted me to go broke, get tired & weary.  Well they have me HIGHLY mistaken!!  They have given me nothing but time to work on getting JUSTICE for me & my life!!!

I am making sure the LA SHERIFFS, INGLEWOOD PD, & LAPD all pay for the HELL they have put me through for so long!!