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Dates That Have Great Significance To The Understanding Of My Case

Throughout my plight with this case, I have noticed quite a few days in my fight that are dates of important significance, giving me the ability to understand some things easier as well as providing me the Strength to KEEP UP THE FIGHT!! I see these things as signs:

April 6, 2007 was Good Friday, the day I was BATTERED, FALSELY ARRESTED, & LOCKED AWAY IN A CELL. For those out there that are Christian believers, as I am, know Jesus was BEAT, NAILED to the cross, TAKEN AWAY & put into the TOMB on Good Friday…..and just when the enemies thought HE was DEFEATED, HE ROSE 3 days later!!! Relating this to my situation, God told me near the beginning of this case that JESUS’ 3 days would equate to MY 3 YEARS, and that’s when I would RISE from this situation, so………..  APRIL 6, 2010…Here We Come!

January 15th is MARTIN LUTHER KING JR.’s Birthday and in 2008, it was the day LAPD fired me due to the FALSE ALLEGATIONS posed against me by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. Two years later, January 15, 2010, I ironically began to pick my jury for the start of my 2nd trial, fighting the remaining 4 charges against me – The D.A. added an extra resisting arrest charge on this same day, taking me from three to four charges all of a sudden after 2 1/2 years.   So as Dr. King once stated, “We Shall Overcome!” – It wasn’t by accident that each of these events happened to me on this day….This let me know I will Overcome!!

June 3, 2008 was the day Barack Obama won the race to become the FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE. This was also the SAME day the 3 charges – 2 counts of battery on an officer & the 1 count of resisting arrest – were DISMISSED by the PRETRIAL JUDGE before my first trial. Leaving me with a reckless driving charge & a possession of less than an ounce of marijuana charge. This just gave me the MOTIVATION to keep FIGHTING & know that a CHANGE can come.

June 16, 2008 was Tupac Shakur’s Birthday and was also MY TRIAL VERDICT DAY at a court location known for its HIGH CONVICTION RATES with cases against the POLICE……where I was found NOT GUILTY on the RECKLESS DRIVING CHARGE. Now for those who know anything about Tupac, know he couldn’t stand the police nor police injustice, so I found it INTERESTING the jury found DEPUTY MAURIZI to be a LIAR and I had the reckless driving charge I was FALSELY ACCUSED of DROPPED on his birthday.

January 27, 2010 was the end of my 2nd TRIAL, where I had a HUNG JURY on the 4 FALSE charges posed against me. (More detail on this to come) This was the same day MICHAEL JACKSON got burned during the Pepsi commercial in ’83 as well as the same day President Obama gave his State of the Union Address saying, “We’ve finished a difficult year..But a new year has come…..I don’t quit. Let’s seize this moment” So I took this to mean, even though I was close to the flame, & they (the police) tried to burn me, I’m not giving up, I must keep up the FIGHT!


So far this is what I’ve come up with.  To some people, these dates may mean nothing, but to me I feel all these dates of significance mean something important.

I’m Fighting until there is no more Fight in me….and I don’t see that being anytime soon!!


New Trial Date is Now Set For November 16, 2009

Last time I wrote, trial was to begin October 29th, but when I got there it was postponed until November 16th due to LAPD’s failure to provide my attorney with the audio recordings of the 5 officers statements regarding the incident that occurred April 6, 2007.  The 5 officers involved in this incident spoke individually to Internal Affairs with LAPD, providing them with their side of what happened that night.  They told so many lies leading to me being discharged from my employment with LAPD, that my lawyer needs these audio recordings to IMPEACH these suckers on the stand!!!

The main necessity of the tapes is to prove INGLEWOOD PD was involved that night.  During my criminal case, Inglewood PD has been trying to act like they were not a part of the arrest now that is has come this far.  Inglewood claims they didn’t write a police report or anything of the sort regarding them putting their hands on me on that night!  They are trying to weasel their way out of this case but they seem to have forgotten they gave a lengthy description of the incident to my employer leading to my DISCHARGE.  So if they could tell all those lies to my job to get me fired, I need them to go ahead and get on the stand and tell those same LIES  and explain how they didn’t go back to the station and do a write-up of their involvement with me that night!  They did no write-ups at all, but when interviewed by Internal Affairs 2-4 months after the incident they were able to detail everything that occurred!! STRANGE!!

How could that be if they had no report to reflect on???  Is it common for an officer to recall blow for blow what happened on an arrest 3 months after it happened and they had no report written to at least refresh the memory!!!  HMMMMMMM

This showed me that all 5 OFFICERS got together to make up this story & they memorized it for the very purpose of being interviewed.  All I know is tomorrow is my set trial date again & it’s time for them to start shaking in their BOOTS!!

Cherise is still here to get her JUSTICE no matter how long it takes!!!

I’ll update you all when I come from court tomorrow!!

LAPD Fired me – So much for Innocent until Proven Guilty

I never really went into detail about how my employment with the Los Angeles Police Department was cut short due to that powerful code  ‘ALL Police stick together.’

When this incident occurred, I was a LAPD Civilian Employee, assigned to PACIFIC STATION as a Clerk Typist.  My job duties included typing all the police reports/tickets and entering them into the computer system giving them report numbers, preparing the paperwork for court, and distributing them to the different departments that needed them.

Prior to the incident on  April 6, 2007, I had no problems with police at all.  I worked directly with them for 40 hours out of the week. So what happened to me that night totally threw me through a ringer.  One day I had total respect for the law & the next it totally went down the drain.

It wasn’t enough that I got ‘beat’ physically by Sheriff deputies & Inglewood Police, but LAPD basically ‘beat’ me emotionally, financially & mentally as well!  As I stated I was a LAPD employee at the time of incident, just having got off at 1 that morning, from which my shift was 3:30 PM-1 AM. I got pulled over at 1:30 AM and that’s when my life changed forever!
When I was placed in jail that morning, LAPD’s Internal Affairs, came to visit me and proceeded to get a statement from me about what had just happened.  I was amazed at the fact they already knew I was in jail…word traveled fast because it was only 8 hrs after my arrest that they were there to see me.

Not realizing at the time that they were against me, I gave a voluntary recorded statement without my union rep present because I knew I didn’t do anything wrong.  I told them exactly what had just happened to me…my nightmare experience & they took pictures of me and my injuries.  After this they took AWAY my work badge and told me I was being placed on PAID ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE until a further investigation took place and was completed.

I was in shock…. & just that quick I was not working…That night was the last time I ever got to physically work at a LAPD station because 9 months later, on MARTIN LUTHER KING’S BIRTHDAY, January 15, 2008,  I was called by the sergeant at the station and told I was being DISCHARGED from my employment for my UNBECOMING CONDUCT on that night. He told me I needed to come down there by 3pm and get my discharge papers.

That hurt so bad…I cried all the way to the station and cried at the station and cried after I left the station.  I couldn’t believe they fired me and I hadn’t even went to trial yet.  The 5 charges I had against me were still pending at the time of them letting me go, but they felt that through their investigation I was guilty of all the accusations formed against me.

To be continued………

October 6th Marked 2 1/2 Years Since This Nightmare Started For Me!

I cant believe it’s been 2 1/2 years since this nightmare began!!  I feel like the time has gone by so slowly, but at the same time, 2 1/2 years has gone by rather quickly.  The police have showed me how they are not to be trusted at all!!!

I often get told by people that ALL police aren’t bad!!  Umm I think I know that!  I used to work with LAPD, and while working with them, I never had any problems until this incident!!!


Where is MITRICE RICHARDSON??? 2nd Family Press Conference – October 1, 2009

On October 1, 2009 the family held a Press Conference in front of the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department Headquarters, to once AGAIN make a PLEA to put more EFFORT in trying to FIND MITRICE RICHARDSON as well as to INFORM the public on HOW LITTLE EFFORT the SHERIFF’S DEPT. & the LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT have put in on trying to FIND MITRICE after 14 DAYS OF HER BEING MISSING!!

The Sheriff’s Department tried their hardest to have us (those coming to show support) not be there in attendance.  They were turning people away at the security box, telling them that there wasn’t a Press Conference being held.  I could not believe it!!!!

When I arrived, I didn’t ask them if there was a Press Conference being held, I told them that I was there for the Press Conference, not giving them the opportunity to tell me there wasn’t one.  But Channel 2 News (CBS) was turned away, and told there wasn’t a Press Conference being held!!!  Can you believe that?????

Thanks goes to Chip Croft from SEA~TV Productions for the video footage.  He was a BIG Help!!!!

MISSING FOR 14 DAYS: Mitrice Richardson….The Sheriff’s are to Blame!

UPDATE 2/24/10: It has been a little over 5 months since MITRICE RICHARDSON’S disappearance.  It is such a shame  that we have gone this long without ANYTHING!!!  Even though the news has laid off talking about Mitrice, there are plenty of individuals still trying to find out exactly what happened that night!!  For the latest info, PLEASE go to or

UPDATE 10/24/09: Its been over a month & MITRICE is still missing..So much has happened since this post, it is best to get the most current info from


By now I’m quite sure you have heard the story of Missing Mitrice Richardson, the beautiful, bilingual, 24-year-old college graduate of California State University, Fullerton, who majored in Psychology and graduated with a 4.00 GPA….but come to think of it, you may not have!!  Her story has not been given the media attention it should have, for this is a very disturbing case!

Mitrice Richardson

Disturbing because the reason we don’t know where Mitrice Richardson is today, 14 days after her disappearance,  is due to the Malibu/Lost Hills division of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Departments’ negligent attitude towards this whole situation.  I was drawn to her story immediately due to it having some similarities to mine and her involvement with the crooked/corrupt LA County Sheriff’s Department.   Let me fill you in on Mitrice’s story:

Mitrice Richardson of Los Angeles dined at the expensive & exclusive Geoffrey’s Restaurant on Pacific Coast Hwy, 40 miles from home, in Malibu alone on the evening of September 16, 2009.

According to the restaurant, Mitrice was unable to pay for her $89 meal (Kobe beef steak and an Ocean Breeze cocktail of rum, vodka and fruit juices) after staff  and patrons said she was behaving oddly, & at one point actually sitting down with a table of six and engaging them in conversation.

Jeff Peterson, the restaurant’s owner who was not there when this incident occurred, has stated her erratic behavior was noticed by customers and employees. “There was something a little strange about her,” he told CNN. “She wasn’t mentally ill, not ranting or raving. You couldn’t put your finger on it.”

“She seemed a little euphoric — a little odd,” Peterson told LA Times.  “The people she joined seemed OK with it. When she said they were going to pay her tab for her and they weren’t — that’s when we realized we had a situation.”  (This leaves one to wonder why they would serve someone such an expensive entree, after they have  described her to be acting so strangely. More importantly, why would they serve her alcohol if she didn’t seem normal from the start?)

When presented with the bill, and realizing she couldn’t pay it, authorities were called.  When they arrived they tried to get the situation handled when Mitrice provided the restaurant with her 90 y.o. great-grandmothers phone number, whom she resides with, who offered to pay the bill over the phone.  She stated, “Which card do you want?  I will pay the bill, add a tip, and put Mitrice in a cab and bring her home.”

But Geoffrey’s declined that form of payment and requested she either come pay in-person or she fax in a copy of the credit card with her signature attached to it.  However, her great-grandmother did not have access to a fax machine.  Consequently, the Lost Hills Sheriff Deputies arrested her.  Peterson says he got the police involved not so much because she was unable to pay her bill but more so out of ‘concern’ for Richardson’s safety, stating they felt she was in no condition to drive a vehicle. (So keep in mind she didn’t just try to walk out & skip the check, as I have seen so many ignorant people try to suggest she did. And the restaurant staff didn’t think she was OK to drive, not due to intoxication but due to something being OFF mentally.)

Now this is when the story starts getting weird and full of inconsistencies when the police become involved!  According to Steve Whitmore, the LA County Sheriffs’ Spokesman, when the deputies arrived at Geoffrey’s, Mitrice asks them to retrieve her wallet from the inside of her car, and in doing so they “claim” they found marijuana, causing them to add the charge of possession of less than an ounce of marijuana (which could actually be less than a gram), but they did not find the wallet they were supposed to be getting. (Now trying to understand how they have the rights to search her vehicle without her currently being behind the wheel, is beyond me, but that’s just one of the many strange parts to this story. Why would she ask them to search her car for her wallet if she knew she had marijuana in the car??  That doesn’t make sense whatsoever.  Also why was her wallet in the car?  Did she not have her ID on her persons??  How was she then served alcohol without an ID of some sort?)

So now they charge Mitrice with Possession of less than an ounce of Marijuana and Defrauding an Innkeeper and take her in to be booked at Lost Hills/Malibu Sheriff Station 13 miles away from the restaurant. Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff Station

In the meantime, Mitrice’s great-grandmother had contacted Mitrice’s mother, Latice Sutton, who then contacted the restaurant to try and take care of the situation at hand.  However, she was told it was too late, and her daughter was already taken into custody, so she then contacted the sheriff’s station to get an understanding on what was going to happen to her daughter from that point forward.

Upon speaking with the Deputy, Sutton was told that they would keep her daughter until the morning.  Explaining that when they bring someone in who exhibits some type of intoxication/mental illness they keep them until morning.

Sutton notified them that she was concerned about her daughter’s uncharacteristic behavior. “She is not in her right state of mind, this is not the type of behavior my daughter demonstrates.  She is responsible, intelligent, & educated.”  Sutton then notified the sheriff’s that she would be there in the morning to post bail & pick up her daughter.

At around 4 AM, Sutton called the station to get the exact bail amount and was told that her daughter had already been released!!!  They stated they let her out at around 1 AM due to overcrowding and that nothing was wrong with her when she left.  A deputy even went so far as to say, “We do not run a babysitting organization here.” They also said they offered to let her stay in the lobby but she refused and just left!!


Keep in mind that it is 1 in the morning in LOST HILLS when she was ‘supposedly’ released….and exactly how the name sounds is EXACTLY how that remote, industrial area is…A BUNCH OF LOST HILLS!! Who in their right mind would send a female out in the middle of the night without MONEY, A CAR, A PHONE, IDENTIFICATION, FOOD, ETC….??? And lets not forget she is an African American woman…being let out in an all White area, where there still are racist individuals lurking around!!  Not to mention the wild animals that lurk the areas at night, especially now since we’ve been having these wildfires…the animals are hungry!!

So why would anyone, especially those who are supposed to keep us safe, let her out into the wild and act like everything is OK with that picture???  That is so damn appalling, but as you know, the sheriff’s are full of BS!  This whole story has so many holes in it and why?? Because the Sheriff’s are not being cooperative b/c they know they screwed up this time and its NOT going away!!

As Sutton has stated on numerous occasions, “I did not know morning would literally be after 12 midnight.  I had the impression they would wait until daylight to release her.”

Sutton also said she believes sheriff deputies should have realized something was wrong with her. “If the officer saw her behavior and decided to administer a field sobriety test, then he must have realized something was wrong.” (Which is very true! They supposedly tested her before they released her and stated she was fine…ummm why the test if you thought she was fine???  Did they suddenly forget what had been told to them a few hours prior??  The restaurant said she wasn’t intoxicated and that something with her was ‘off’…sooo didn’t that click to them that maybe they should call a medical specialist???  I guess not b/c they didn’t do it, leaving one to suspect that they did not give a damn about her safety or her mental state!! WOW!!  And these are the very people we shed our tax payer dollars to??? )

The sheriff department has continued to give the family the run around..upon asking for the phone records to show who she called…the station said the phone they let her use was untraceable….HMMMMMM

Also in asking for the surveillance cameras on the outside of the station to show where she headed after walking out the station….the family was told that they do not have the cameras set to record….WOW….so basically they just have the cameras there for show…b/c normally you record whats going on just in case….SOUNDS SO FISHY WITH ALL THEIR COVER-UPS ETC.….They still have failed to give the family the police report showing what was detailed inside as well as failing to provide them with the deputies names who were involved in the arrest of MITRICE RICHARDSON….

I simply can’t wait until these &*%^$ get exposed for all their wrongdoings…( I can’t use the word I was going to say) Even their lackluster attempt in trying to find her is to be noted!!  They haven’t put any more effort into trying to find her than I have put into searching for this penny that happened to drop out my wallet onto the street yesterday!  They don’t give a HOT DAMN about this missing BLACK woman whatsoever & it PISSES ME OFF!!

Oh yeah…I’m sick and tired of reading ignorant people’s comments…Some of you are just sitting too damn high up on your horse trying to judge/render your assumptions to this scenario!  People are so quick to believe everything the dog gone police say….EXAMPLE: just b/c they say they offered her a place to stay doesn’t mean they did..also just because they say they allowed her to make 2 calls, doesn’t mean they did!!!   Are you all that NAIVE to believe whatever the POLICE say??  I feel sorry for ya if you do…just hope you never have to encounter a lying a** police officer…b/c they will ALWAYS LIE TO PROTECT THEIR OWN IF THEY ARE WRONG….U BETTER GET A CLUE!

HEIGHT: 5’5”
WEIGHT: 135lb
EYES: Hazel brown
HAIR: Medium Brown (natural/curly)
TATTOOS: Lower abdomen, and behind neck
Last wearing: Brown Bob Marley T-shirt & Blue Jeans


List of links providing more info:,0,2916909.story

Cherise Rogers (ME), 27, of Hawthorne, standing on Pacific Coast Highway at Webb Way in Malibu, was among the volunteers helping get the word out Saturday about the search for Mitrice Richardson, 24, who disappeared Sept. 17 after being released from a sheriff's substation in Calabasas. More photos >>> (Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times / September 27, 2009)

Cherise Rogers (ME), 27, of Hawthorne, standing on Pacific Coast Highway at Webb Way in Malibu, was among the volunteers helping get the word out Saturday about the search for Mitrice Richardson, 24, who disappeared Sept. 17 after being released from a sheriff's substation in Calabasas. More photos >>> (Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times / September 27, 2009)

Current Update & Random Thoughts

Alot has went on since the last time I posted.  I’m sorry I don’t update as often as I should, but due to the ongoing nature of my case,  I am rather skeptical on what I should post.  But I can say that they have continued to try and make my life HELL!!!  As I have previously stated, the DA’s office is going hard on trying to get a conviction from my case.  It’s coming to the 2 1/2 year mark (October 6) since I started fighting this misdemeanor case and I have had my life stalled all because of these officers lies!!!

I’m currently unemployed, been this way since LAPD wrongfully fired me in January 2008 behind the Sheriff Lies,  and can’t seem to find a job at all (I’ve been blackballed).  Not only did this happen at the worst time (Recession) but it happened right when I was about to flourish in life since I had just graduated from college with my B.A. in Child & Adolescent Development.

I simply can’t understand how I am still in limbo on this case, and the City of LA claims to be broke!!  They have no problem spending nearly a MILLION DOLLARS on trying to prosecute me on misdemeanor charges for 2 1/2 years.

However, I see what their tactic is…They tried dragging this case out as long as they could, in hopes I would give up!!  They thought the longer they took with getting me to trial, I’d settle & just take a plea deal.  They wanted me to go broke, get tired & weary.  Well they have me HIGHLY mistaken!!  They have given me nothing but time to work on getting JUSTICE for me & my life!!!

I am making sure the LA SHERIFFS, INGLEWOOD PD, & LAPD all pay for the HELL they have put me through for so long!!


The District Attorney’s Expensive Appeal

The District Attorney’s office has launched an expensive appeal regarding the matter of the 3 charges dismissed by the Pretrial judge in June 2008.  As of today’s date, May 17, 2009, nearly a year later, I am still awaiting  the decision of the  appellate court to move further than the day it began.

The DA’s office started off by filing 3 separate continuances each asking for monthly extensions claiming they needed more time to prepare before actually going forth in filing their opening brief.  We are now in the month of May 2009 and I am still awaiting the outcome of the appeal.  The appeal is under consideration and will soon be decided by the California State Court.  Here’s where the problem lies, the case they are appealing has ALREADY BEEN AJUDICATED — AND I WON! A jury of my peers found that there was no good ground for stopping me in the first place in June 2008.  The jury said that the police did not prove that I had done anything to provoke the stop.

With reference to the alleged  battery on an officer that took place after the stop, it was never heard by the jury because it had been thrown out in pre-trial.  It was thrown out because the police could not produce nor could they prove any of the so-called resisting arrest and battery on a police officer charges  that were originally brought against me.

Here we are over 2 years since this nightmare began for me, and it is so hard and downright painful for me to tell you what this has done to my life.  Not only has it cost me my job with LAPD and several other employment opportunities, but the stress of what has happened to me has made a greater impact on my physical health.  And let’s stop talking about what it has done to me and think about what it has and is continuing to do to the state, county and city budget.  The amount of hours that have been wasted and the money that has been spent by the County of Los Angeles  DA’s Office on a MISDEMEANOR charge that was already decided in my favor is MINDBOGGLING!

A Case of Police Brutality (My Truth, My Nightmare)



This story is being told in a third party format by Roni Green, who has an extensive background in the law, including working for the District Attorney’s Office (9 years), Court Reporter, Paralegal, and Executive Legal Assistant to several attorneys.  This is an ongoing story of police brutality, police corruption, and the police departments’ zest to prosecute no matter the cause or the expense.  This is a cliffhanger.  Stay with us and follow the story………

Cherise R.

On April 6th 2007, at approximately 1:30AM, my niece was driving eastbound on Century Blvd. in Inglewood, CA.

She told me she stopped at the Yukon light, in the far left lane. The light was yellow as she approached, that’s when she noticed a police car was behind her. They both sat at the light for about 10 to 15 seconds. As the light turned green, she proceeded to drive a couple of feet and the police car turned on its sirens for her to pull over. She proceeded to the right, and stopped in front of Washington Mutual Bank on Century Blvd. Once she stopped, a deputy sheriff approached her vehicle. He was alone. He told her to turn off her car and keep her hands where he could see them. She put both her hands on the steering wheel. Next, he told her to step out of the vehicle. She asked him, “What did I do?” He told her again to step out the vehicle. She told him that she had just gotten off work and that she worked for LAPD, and she knew she hadn’t done anything wrong; she simply wanted to know why she needed to get out of the car? (She was very uncomfortable because he never once asked her for identification of any kind nor, did he identify himself.) He then stated “I don’t give a f*** where you work, get out the car!” She became very fearful.

Its 1:30AM, She is alone, he is alone and he is not telling her why he pulled her over or why she had to get out of the vehicle. [We’ve all heard stories about law enforcement officers or people pretending to be law enforcement officers pulling over young women and then sexually assaulting them.] He didn’t identify himself, so for all she knew he could have been a fake —she had no clue!!

He then yanked open her car door, grabbed her arm and forcibly pulled her out of the car. (Her car doors automatically unlock when her car is turned off.) When she was out the car he ordered her to put her hands behind her back and face towards the trunk of her car, keeping her back towards him. He then told her to face the hood of his patrol car which she did. While she was facing the hood of his patrol car, she heard him take out his handcuffs. That’s when she really started questioning, “Why am I being handcuffed?” “Why am I being arrested?” “Wait, what am I being arrested for?” “What did I do?” He ignored her. He never once answered her questions. He got her left hand in the handcuffs first as she was trying to look back at him and get an answer as to why she was being arrested. He proceeded to try and put her right hand in the cuffs as well. However, the way he had her arm angled he was unable to put the cuff on. She was telling him to please wait because it hurt. At that moment he threw her to the ground by her jacket and she was laying face down on the sidewalk while he was on top of her with his knee in her back. She started screaming at the top of her lungs, “Help, Somebody Help Me, Please!!!!!” She thought the man was crazy. He still had not told her what he was arresting her for. He threw her down like she was a man/criminal or something. She is a college graduate who weighs all of 110 lbs. As she was screaming at the top of her lungs, she heard him get on his radio and call for backup. Within seconds a handful of patrol cars, including officers from the Inglewood Police Department, came to the scene.

The officers (all males) got out of their cars and ran to where they were. They came ready to attack, and they were all on her, grabbing her arms and legs and while she was still screaming loudly one officer put his hand around her neck in a c-cup position and began choking the life out of her. He was squeezing tightly and would not let go. She thought she was going to lose consciousness and possibly die right there on Century Blvd. She figured he was doing this to stop her from screaming so loudly. While he had her in a choke hold she was able to turn her head and get a good look at the deputy’s face. They made eye contact. She knows exactly what he looks like. After a lot of squirming and kicking trying to get out of his grasp because she could not breathe, he finally let go of her throat. All of the officers grabbed her by her clothes and hair, stood her up and tried to push her into the passenger side of the patrol car. At this point she was in handcuffs. As she was being forcibly guided to the patrol car she turned and asked, “Who the hell was choking me, I want to know the name of the officer who choked me?” It was at that moment that she was pepper sprayed at a very close range; she felt the stream rather than the mist of the spray. She knew she had been sprayed so that she could not get the name of the deputy who’d choked her. After she was sprayed she really started to scream because she couldn’t see and her face was on fire. The officers just kept yelling at her to get into the ‘fu**in’ car. She was kicking her legs and fighting for her life. She did not want to be closed up in the patrol car because she could not see nor breathe. She needed air badly. She truly thought she was going to die in their custody.

Once inside the patrol car she was pepper sprayed again. The officers then closed the doors and windows and left her inside the vehicle with no air to breathe at all, just the pepper spray. She began screaming and kicking the door begging the officers to roll down the windows or open a door. When the officers did open the door it was only to tie her feet together with a rope like thing and close the door with the end of the rope on the outside of the door, with them holding onto it so her leg movement was constricted. She still needed air so she was still screaming. Finally an officer opened the door and rolled down her window about 2 inches and closed the door back. It was then the officers threatened to tase her if she didn’t shut up.

This is just a portion of the HELL and BRUTALITY she experienced at the hands of the Lennox Sheriff Deputies and Inglewood Police Officers. She has endured the pain and suffering of a beating, she was arrested, humiliated, disrespected, and then found guilty by her employers at the Los Angeles Police Department when she was fired without a hearing, trial, and/or just cause.

After more than a year of stress, fear, and sleepless nights her case finally went before a jury in June 2008. Right before trial, the judge dismissed the resisting arrest and battery on police officer charges, based on the fact that the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and the Inglewood Police Department refused to give her attorney all the reports and documents the judge had ordered them to produce. The Inglewood Police Department went so far as to say that the Inglewood officers had not prepared any report at all in connection with their role in illegally assaulting, battering, and falsely imprisoning my niece, even though they are mentioned in the Los Angeles Sheriff Department’s reports and they took the time to make statements against my niece in the Los Angeles Police Department disciplinary process against her.

The remaining charges of reckless driving and possession of a small (less than .3 gram), unlit marijuana cigarette which her girl friend admitted she had accidentally left the cigarette in my niece’s automobile was heard on June 9th, 2008 at the Torrance Courthouse in Torrance, CA. My niece was found NOT GUILTY of the reckless driving charge and the jury stated afterwards that the only reason she was found guilty of the marijuana possession was because she didn’t deny that it was in her car.

The arresting deputy who initiated the original false arrest, the person who grabbed her, shoved her, handcuffed her, kneed her and assisted in choking and pepper spraying her was found to be unbelievable and dishonest by the jury. The deputy’s name is Christopher Maurizi. Deputy (newly promoted to Detective) Christopher Maurizi is the son of Jan Maurizi, a high ranking official in the District Attorney’s Office of the County of Los Angeles. It is because of who he is and his mother’s rank within the DA’s office, that this matter has continued on as it has.

Although she has been found NOT GUILTY of the reckless driving charge (which was the only reason for stopping her in the 1st place), the District Attorney’s Office has initiated an expensive and time consuming appeal of the 3 charges that were dismissed by the Inglewood pretrial judge which were: 1 count of resisting an executive order and 2 counts of battery on an officer. I believe my niece is still being singled out and harassed by the LA County District Attorney’s Office and by her former employer The Los Angeles Police Department.

As of today’s date, I estimate that over 6,700 hours of man power at a cost of over $500,000 have been spent by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office in an effort to single out and prosecute my niece on a misdemeanor charge and this does not include the thousands of dollars that have been spent by me and my family in my niece’s defense, not to mention the thousands of taxpayer dollars that are still being spent on this useless appeal which had a hearing date of March 12, 2009.


In the original incident where I was brutally attacked by the Lennox Sheriffs and Inglewood PD, I was the one charged with Battery on an Officer. As unbelievable and ludacris as that sounds, above is the picture of the assault the Sheriff’s claimed THEY suffered at MY hands! The Sheriff Department actually forced me and my attorney to go through several discovery hearings before they produced this ridiculous photograph which supposedly shows the force and brutality that THEY suffered at MY hands! As you read, I was beaten, thrown to the ground, stepped on, sat on, scratched, choked, pepper sprayed, and then hogged tied, and thrown in the back of a police car with no ventilation. However their claim is that I punched and kicked and even “BROKE” a deputies badge during the confrontation, and as you can see this is all they could produce. No scratches, no bruising, and no medical attention was required by any of the officers involved and the best they could produce was this unclasped ‘NAME TAG’. OH! Keep in mind that Deputy Maurizi (the deputy pictured above) is the SON of D.A. Jan Maurizi who is the right hand to Steve Cooley, head County District Attorney!

In the original incident where I was brutally attacked by the Lennox Sheriffs and Inglewood PD, I was the one charged with Battery on an Officer. As unbelievable and ludacris as that sounds, above is the picture of the assault the Sheriff’s claimed THEY suffered at MY hands! The Sheriff Department actually forced me and my attorney to go through several discovery hearings before they produced this ridiculous photograph which supposedly shows the force and brutality that THEY suffered at MY hands! As you read, I was beaten, thrown to the ground, stepped on, sat on, scratched, choked, pepper sprayed, and then hogged tied, and thrown in the back of a police car with no ventilation. However their claim is that I punched and kicked and even “BROKE” a deputies badge during the confrontation, and as you can see this is all they could produce. No scratches, no bruising, and no medical attention was required by any of the officers involved and the best they could produce was this unclasped ‘NAME TAG’. OH! Keep in mind that Deputy Maurizi (the deputy pictured above) is the SON of D.A. Jan Maurizi who is the right hand to Steve Cooley, head County District Attorney!