This is the arrest report written by Los Angeles Sheriff’s Detective/Deputy (Lennox Division) Christopher Maurizi the night of the False Arrest, April 6, 2007.  Keep in mind that after 3 trials, his testimony under oath has changed multiple times.  He even admitted that a lot of what he wrote in his arrest report that night is no longer what actually happened.  He spent his time on the witness stand explaining to the court why this happened.

So REMEMBER when reading this arrest report, it is not the same as what Maurizi testified to.  Deputy Maurizi does not seem to write accurate reports to be relied upon for future use.  He will  add/subtract or do whatever it takes to save himself from being exposed as a crooked deputy………….But it’s not much he can do to save himself from that at this point.

Oh it should be noted: Deputy Maurizi testified in court that he did not have his citation book with him upon the traffic stop.  He said he usually kept it inside his trunk in his duffel bag.  So with that information given, one can only see his intent was not to simply write a ticket that night but to make an arrest BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.